That mind goes on looking at other women because you are not satisfied.

(Osho suggested that they make love just once a week, but to have such a total experience that they were completely satisfied.)

When you make love, make it really wild so that it is not just a local release, but your whole being throbs with it. You have to scream and jump so that it becomes a meditation.

When you make love, the whole world should know! Then it will satisfy you so completely that for one week you won’t think about it.

That mind goes on looking at other women because you are not satisfied.

In the East we have been enquiring into the sexual energy; the West is only enquiring on the periphery.

We have come to see that it is not a question of this woman or that;  it is a question of female and male energy.

If they can meet, really meet, there is such an orgasmic experience that the ego disperses for a few minutes and you are not there. You have disappeared and the whole universe dies with you. Your nature has exploded, all civilization gone. You are wild animals– innocent, vibrant, possessed.

But this is only possible, it can only be a deep orgasmic happening, if you are celibate – then you gather the accumulated energy. It becomes a reservoir and then you explode.

Otherwise, if you make love an everyday habit,  it becomes just like taking tea or smoking a cigarette – nothing much.

Then it is no more than a release, just like a sneeze.  So don’t make sex a sneeze, otherwise you will miss the whole mystery of it.

So decide the day that you will make love, and make that day sacred and a day of deep meditation.

Once a week – let it be Sunday, the religious day. And let it be a very sacred phenomenon. Prepare that day from the very morning. Be as loving to each other, as careful, as possible; no conflict and no anger – because that distracts the energy.

The whole day you are to feel that the moment is coming when you are to make love. You have waited for six days, and now prayerfully, meditatively, move into it.

Before making love both meditate together. Pray to God to be with you, to envelop you so that you both dissolve into Him.

Let sex be as divine as possible. It is divine because it is the creative force, the creative energy.

Nothing is more divine than sex.

So make it so satisfying that soon you will say that one week’s celibacy is not enough, that you need three weeks of celibacy, or four. Because it is so satisfying, the glow, the after-glow, continues for weeks – you are bathed in it.

So start it this way, mm?

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