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will long be remembered as a great philosopher – saint and mystic of the twentieth century. His life and work will continue to inspire future generations of humankind and his powerful message of essential unity of mankind will help us to evolve a new global code of ethics for the improvement of the human condition.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh, prime minister of India


is one of India’s greatest mystics…. I see him as one of the world’s
great teachers, thinkers, philosophers and guides of our times. I have
enormous respect for his world vision and the kind of International Communities
he is building. I have always felt his influence in my life.”

Kabir Bedi, international film star


my friend Deepak Chopra I came across Osho’s books which gave me an other
deeper shift in my life. I regret I did not met him in person, and I feel
sorry the US Government missed such an opportunity back in 86.”

Madonna, Singer and Performer



is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help
humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.”

– The Dalai Lama, exiled leader of Tibet

“He was the most original thinker that India has produced: the
most erudite, the most clear-headed and the most innovative. And in addition
he had an inborn gift of words, spoken and written. The like of him we
will not see for decades to come…”
“It is a religion for the irreligious, for the agnostic, for the
unbeliever, for the rationalist.”

– Khushwant Singh, former editor of The Times of India; author and historian

we wrote and prepared for shooting Vanilla Sky, I constantly checked
in with Osho’s insights. It is not so easy to present the unconscious
mind with images and a story. Osho is the only one who can perfectly
explain it all, the inner and the outer and that helped me and my
team immensely”

Tom Cruise, actor

before or after have I encountered anybody having such a harmonious
and immensely creative view encompassing art, science, human psychology
and religiousness. Certainly we would lack substantially without
his vision of the new man.”

Dr. A. Schleger, Ph.D., Institute of Technology, Switzerland

is a mystical giant, a flowering of a unique intelligence and one
of those rare humans ex-pressing himself with joy.”

Paul Reps, author of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

people like Osho are ahead of their times. It is good that more
and more young people are now reading his works.”

K. R. Narayanan, former president of India

found No Water, No Moon one of the most refreshing, cleansing and
delightful books I could imagine. It is a book which will never
cease to be a comforting companion.”

Yehudi Menuhin, distinguished violinist

is somebody who fuses everything and makes it understandable to
people, and it makes sense. And he also challenges very fixed beliefs,
challenges religions which have tradition and ritual and so forth.”

Aroon Purie, editor of India Today

brilliant insights will benefit all those who yearn for experiential
knowledge of the field of pure potentiality inherent in every human
being. This book belongs on the shelf of every library and in the
home of all those who seek knowledge of the higher self.”

– Deepak Chopra, author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; Quantum
Healing and Unconditional Life on Osho’s Book “From
Medication to Meditation

people have understood India like Osho. It was an understanding
at many levels. The philosophical, the historic, the purely emotional
– and even the political and the literary, the wanton and the spiritual.
His was a holistic understanding. An understanding that went beyond
words, into the uncharted terrain of true love. For love was at
the core of everything that Osho believed in. It was the ultimate
message he left for us. To discover, experience, savor life through

Pritish Nandy, JAIN TV presenter; former editor, and publisher
of The Illustrated Weekly, India

been charmed from reading his books.”

Federico Fellini, film maker

books inspire me to meditate. They give me peace of mind.”

Kapil Dev, cricketing super-star from India

gave his country and the world a vision, which one can be proud

Chandra Shekhar, former Indian prime minister

is a fountain of wisdom that never goes dry. This century’s
most original mind has created a new world for us humans to revel
in, enjoy and remain ourselves through the pathway of love. Here
is the quintessence of the wisdom of ages, the pure nectar of essential
knowledge for mortals to acquaint with immortality.”

Mr. V. N. Narayanan, editor-in-chief, Hindustan Times

is the rarest and most talented religionist to appear this century.”

Kazuyoshi Kino, professor of buddhist studies, Hosen Gakuen
College, Tokyo, Japan

have heard Shree Rajneesh and have been inspired by his talks. His
works are sublime and seek to liberate the soul of humans. Indeed
his presentation is unique, his goal is great and his success in
liberating each person from the mafia surrounding the soul is rewarding
reading. The message that he had to deliver must reach everywhere.”

Shri. V.R. Krishna Iyer, former supreme court judge

fell in love with Osho’s vision, when I visited the Osho Commune
a few years ago. Osho’s words have helped me when I was going through
a difficult phase. Since then I was looking for an opportunity to
pay my tribute.””

Jasbir Jassi, Punjabi Pop Star

a result of reading The Golden Future (and many other works by Osho)
I would like to let you know that I completely and heartily support
the vision of Osho. As a writer I hope that his words will reach
the hearts of those who need them most. I have every faith in this
result, because the words of Osho are loaded with the power of love.”

Douwe de Groot, writer

books are really what people are looking for…they are even more
relevant now than when they were spoken.”

Michael Mann, chairman of Element Books

is the greatest incarnation after Buddha in India. He is a living

Lama Karmapa, late head of the Kargyupta, (or Red Hat) Sect
of Tibetan Buddhism

Osho, words flow endlessly. Provocatively. Challengingly. In a hundred
years more copies of Osho’s works will have been printed than the
Bible itself, till now the outstanding best-seller.”

M. V. Kamath, former editor of The Illustrated Weekly, India

incredible taped discourse lectures and books have inspired me,
and millions of others, on the path of self-evolution… He is like
a great bell tolling, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken!”

James Coburn, actor

has a unique identity of his own. Our worldly life can become more
fruitful through meditation and people can evolve towards a better
society with the help of Osho’s wisdom.”

Rt. Hon’ble Shri Girija Prasad Koirala, former prime minister
of Nepal

speaks the language of today’s Yug Bhasha. His message is for the
whole world.”

Shri Krishnakant, former vice-president of India,

is such a vision that stands for the welfare of the whole of humanity,
transcending the narrow boundaries of religions. Though today’s
man is so caught up in his myriad problems, all of Osho’s books
and discourses suggest simple and easy ways for man’s liberation.”

Lokendra Bahadur Chand, the former prime minister, of Nepal

was inspired by Osho’s wisdom when I wrote the song ‘How fragile
we all are’; Reading his books gave me hope for humanity. It is
a must for everybody to have a look into his words …..”

Sting, Singer and Performer

enable Indians and the world to appreciate the eternal India, Osho’s
insights contained in his discourses and books should be made widely
available around the world and through all media. This will also
make the world understand India much better. “I was surprised
and very impressed by Osho’s logic and how well he proved his points.
When I was imprisoned during the Emergency for 19 months, I had
the opportunity of reading Osho’s books on Mahavir, Kabir and the

L. K. Advani, former minister of home affairs, govt. of India

– unmatched orator, unorthodox thinker and an original interpreter
of ancient texts. His exposition of Japji Sahib and other teachings
and philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev has deeply impressed me. I admire
his courage, sense of conviction and spirit of adventure.”

The late Giani Zail Singh, former President of India

believe that Osho was well ahead of his time in terms of his teachings,
his thinking and as a practical man. This is very clear that the
message of Osho is universal in nature. This also means that the
right to His message is equally universal and should be available
to any individual. In fact each one of the 6 Billion of us that
inherit the earth today have a right to the words of Osho.”

Padamshree Dr Raghunath Mashelkar – Renowned scientist, Director
General CSIR and Chairman of the committee of World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO)

new man is both spiritual and scientific, simultaneously; he is
not repressive and aggressive as in the past but tender and loving
to embrace the joyful future. Let us rejoice and welcome the new
man of Osho who is open and transparent, honest and truthful, authentic
and self-disclosing. Osho’s new man is not fragmented but integral,
wholistic in the image of his creator. And, this new man is not
going to fall from some alien space but he is arriving through each
one of us as we start dropping the gross sheath of our existence
and start reaching the essential nature of ourselves, which is pure
existence, pure consciousness and pure bliss.”

Padamshree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar – Eminent scientist, Former Director
of C-DAC

is one of the greatest mystics of all times who has a tremendous
spiritual power to go into such a variety of subjects including
Geeta, Nanak, Meera, Kabir, Sufism, Tantra, Yoga and Zen. He has
given a new vision and direction to humanity.”

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, world renowned santoor player

the dance of Meera and the silence of Buddha meet, blossoms the
true philosophy of Rajneesh.”

Amrita Pritam, renowned poetess

grew up with Osho around me. He was controversial because he had
the courage to speak the truth.”

Mallika Sarabhai, famous dancer

you again for making me a part of Osho’s world of wisdom, joy and
radiance once again. With gratitude!”

Shubha Mudgal, renowned classical singer

vast repertoire and insight into the finer aspects of every faith,
every religion just illustrates with no ambiguity the universality
of the teachings, the message, the WORD in all religions. Not everyone
is blessed so, as to be able to fathom the depth of this wonderful
essence, enjoy it and live it. Thank you for letting me touch the
tip of this vast treasure.”

Maxwell Pareira, former commisioner of Police, Delhi

be-qaid, main be-quaid
Na rogi, na vaid!
“Loosely translated, this line by the 18th century Sufi poet
Bulle Shah, would go somewhat like this – I am unfettered, unfettered
am I. Neither the sick nor the savior am I. The line for me is a
source of boundless creative energy and celebration. This is the
irresistible feeling in the presence of Osho’s aura. I can say no

Madangopal Singh, University professor and Sufi Scholar

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